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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a registered forester bring to the table at a property brokerage?

• In most states, it is illegal for someone to provide forestry management advice unless they are registered
• The requirements for becoming a registered forester include both formal education and real world experience under the direction of another registered forester, such as those found at many property brokerages
• Continuing education is required for renewal of registered foresters every two years and their governed by a professional board at the state level.
• Registered foresters have a large number of formal skills including but not limited to:
Forest resource management
Forest ecology
Forest finance and economics
Wildlife management and forest hydrology
Statistics and mathematical modeling
Forest inventory and asset valuation
Growth and yield modeling to predict future volumes and cash flows
Computer science and mathematics
• Registered foresters can best evaluate the current and future health and values of forest resources. They can then develop forestry management strategies that will achieve the owner’s objectives for their forests whether those interests are recreational/hunting, ecological, and financial or a blend of many interests.

When you’re ready to choose a property brokerage, consider what a registered forestry management professional can do for you. Contact us today for more information.

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