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John F. Davis

Forestry Consultant

John Davis is a Consulting Forester in the state of Georgia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Resource Management from Mississippi State University, has been a member of the Society of American Foresters since 1965, and a member of the Georgia Forestry Association since 1969.

John’s decades of experience in forest ecosystem biodiversity, assessing timberland investment opportunities, as well as his knowledge of environmental law make him an outstanding addition to the Southern Heritage Land Company team.

Through Southern Heritage Land Company, John can offer clients a complete range of forestry services, including:

• Forest Land Management
• Timber & Forest Lands Appraisal
• Marketing of Forest Products
• Industrial Site Selection
• Harvest Plans for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
• Streamside Management Zone Layout
• Aesthetic Management Zone Layout
• Bringing Timber and Forest Land Buyers and Sellers Together
• Wood Sourcing for Timber Users
• Ad valorem Tax Investigations
• Forestry Investment Analysis
• Reforestation Recommendations and Planning
• Forest Insect and Disease Surveys with Casualty Loss Estimates
• Establishing Timber Cost Basis for Income Tax Purposes
• Management of Industrial and Natural Resource Projects

If you have land for sale in Georgia, John is the perfect addition to your team. Contact John or another member of the Southern Heritage Land Company team for a complete overview of our forestry management services.

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Contact Info
Phone: 770-536-8510 (Office)
Phone: 770-654-6762 (Cell)
Email: john@southernheritageland.com

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